Beachside Veterinary Services offers fully equipped surgical and treatment facilities, including a dedicated small animal theatre, separate diagnostic room, and a close-observation recovery area.

Elective surgeries, such as routine desexing, are carried out in clinic each morning,

Monday to Friday, with most procedures discharged later the same day.

Full post-operative discharge and follow-up care instructions are provided at the time of discharge, along with medications or treatments if these are required.


Peri-Operative Care

All surgical candidates at Beachside are offered the opportunity for pre-anaesthetic blood testing and supportive intravenous fluid therapy as part of our commitment to a gold standard of care in veterinary anesthesia.

Surgical patients are subject to our strict analgesic (pain relief) protocols, ensuring that modern advances in the prevention of surgical pain are adhered to at all times, and that tailored analgesic plans are included as part of each patients anaesthetic protocol.


                                    Anaesthetic Monitoring
Any patient undergoing anaesthesia will receive the same vigilant and thorough monitoring throughout their anaesthetic period.
Our qualified and experienced veterinary nurses are trained to read and evaluate patient parameters during anaesthesia, and to utilise specialised equipment and monitoring techniques, such as pulse oximetry (peripheral pulse rate and circulating O2 saturation), electrocardiography (ECG), capnography (CO2 output), respiratory rate and tidal volume, blood pressure monitoring (NIBP), and core body temperature evaluation (internal thermister monitoring), to assist them in their patient assessments.