Saying Goodbye

"Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves ebbing and flowing.

Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming.

All we can do is learn to swim."

-Vicki Harrison


Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is arguably the most difficult experience a pet owner will ever have to endure. At Beachside, we regard euthanasia to be one of the most important services that we provide, as it is a time where we can really make a difference to ensure the calm and peaceful

passing of your pet.


As a mobile veterinary service, it goes without saying that we believe an at home euthanasia to be the best option in most cases, and we will work with you, to ensure that this is arranged at a time selected by you and your family.

We work closely with the Possum Ridge Pet Crematorium to ensure that the utmost care

is taken of your pet following euthanasia, that your wishes regarding cremation are

carried out as requested and that your pet is treated with dignity and respect throughout.

If you have any questions regarding euthanasia, please feel free to contact us here at the clinic.