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Keeping Your Pets Cool

Summer is here and now is the time to think about the ways you can make your pets feel more comfortable in our far north Queensland summer.

All animals, including livestock, companion animals and wildlife need a little extra care and attention when the ambient temperatures rise. Flat faced breeds of dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to heat stress, as are pocket pets like Guinea pigs and rats. Our high humidity also places extra added stress on pets.


• Make sure LOTS of cool, fresh water is available at all times. Leave strategically placed bowls of water for wildlife in your garden

• Ensure pets have access to adequate shelter from the elements

• Allow access to fans or air conditioning

• Place frozen water bottles in bedding

• Give frozen treats such as plain water ice blocks frozen in large containers or goodies frozen with water or diluted stock in ice cream containers. Water filled, frozen balloons are a great idea, just remember to remove the balloon before giving to your pet

• Take pets for a swim at the beach, creek or at home in the pool

• Provide a childrens clam shell pool or allow access to garden sprinklers

• Provide you pet with a cooling mat or coat

• Keep an eye out for reptiles! The warmer weather is when snakes and crocs are more active. Avoid known croc habitats and keep the yard clean and tidy to help prevent snakes from taking up residence in your garden

• Slip, slop slap the on sunscreen. Pets are susceptible to sunburn too, particularly those with white fur and pink pigmentation of the skin. Horses have the option of fly masks with added sun veils to protect areas such as the nose


• Please DO NOT exercise your pets in the heat of day. Choose timing of riding, walks and play time at dawn and dusk.

• Please DO NOT walk pets on bitumen roads during the day – this can cause severe injury to the soft pads of your dogs paws

• Please DO NOT leave pets in cars unattended at all or on metal trays of utes without adequate shading

If you have any questions about keeping your pets cool or suspect your fur babies are suffering from the effects of heat stress or burns, please phone us on 40578677 or come into the clinic at 4/471 Varley Street, Yorkeys

From the Beachside team Dr Cate, Dr Krissy, Leanne and Bec

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