Consultations at Home

Beachside Veterinary Services provide an at home consultation service

for a range of healthcare needs.


From vaccinations and annual health checks, to more complicated ongoing medical assessments, we can even perform some routine blood collection procedures in the comfort of your home.

A relaxed and stress-free home visit is beneficial for all pets and pet owners who may experience a degree of anxiety when visiting a clinic setting.

Home consultations offer an alternative option for cat owners, who may otherwise struggle with the practicalities of getting their feline into a carrier and safely to the veterinary clinic, and owners of large dog breeds, or multiple dog households can benefit too, as a home visit removes the need for transportation to and from the clinic, which can often prove difficult and stressful.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday 8am until 5.30pm

Please contact reception on 4057 8677 to book your home visit.


There are of course times where a trip to the veterinary clinic is unavoidable, such as when diagnostic assessments or surgery is required. When your pet needs to spend some time with us here at the clinic, we will endeavor to make their experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our base at Yorkeys is easy to find and is equipped with full surgical, diagnostic and hospitalisation facilities, and offers a quiet, comfortable and professional environment for your pets care.