The process of diagnosis and patient assessment begins with veterinary examination, but there are times when extra information is required to enable accurate diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

Beachside Veterinary Services is equipped to manage a range of diagnostic procedures and investigative examinations. Our dedicated diagnostics lab provides in-house evaluation of haematological and biochemical blood parameters, including thyroid and pancreatic evaluations, microscopy, urinalysis, faecal examination, synovial fluid analysis, and in-house parvo testing.


Digital radiology and ultrasound imaging provide us with the equipment necessary to investigate a range of orthopaedic and soft tissue related problems. Further investigative examinations are also available through the use of our specially designed endoscopy equipment, for internal scoping of the gastrointestinal and upper respiratory systems.


Our portable ECG and blood pressure monitoring devices, enable us to carefully monitor our cardiac patients, providing invaluable information to assist us in their medical treatment and ongoing care.

If you are concerned about your pet and would like to make an appointment to chat to a veterinarian, or you would like to discuss our diagnostic facilities further, please feel free to contact us here at the clinic.