Please make sure that your pets have been vaccinated in the past 12 months before considering whether to board them. If your pet is due for a booster make sure that this is done well before the boarding period. This will help ensure that they stay healthy during their stay. It is a good idea to contact the boarding facility to confirm how long after being vaccinated they accept pets.

When choosing a boarding facility some factors to consider include;

How big are the individual kennels?

Will my pet have access to runs during the day?

Are there signs of overbooking/overcrowding?

Do they require record of vaccination?

Are the staff welcoming and kind?

Is there any indication of poor hygiene?

Are they able to medicate pets if required?

In case of emergency, which veterinarian do they use?

It is important to ensure that you discuss with the facility any health problems that you're pet may have or is prone to. If there is any medication to be administered during your pets stay let them know at the time of booking. Writing down the dose, frequency and name of medication. If your pet is on long term medication make sure you have enough to cover the duration of their stay. We recommend that you have extra just in case.

Remember an ideal boarding facility is a relaxed and calm place. The facility should minimise stress and uphold a high standard of hygiene.